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The Importance of Satellites

Posted 11/12/2017

Today (11th Dec) is National Mountain Day here in the UK and as part of the celebrations for this, there has been an announcement that scientists have confirmed that the UK has a new “tallest mountain” in its territories.

Now I know that this is not the kind of subject that you expect to see me write about but please, stick with me here because there is a point to this, I promise!

So the new tallest mountain in the UK-owned territories is called Mount Hope.  It turns out that she is a full 55 metres taller than anyone had ever thought she was.  She’s been measured before by people with all sorts of clever equipment that they hauled up to the summit.  But now with the use of satellites, it seems that she had been significantly under-estimated.

This made me think – not so much about mountains – but about us and how we can so often make an assessment of ourselves or others that falls so far short of the reality.

We simply do not have the tools and understanding to adequately measure the value of a person.  We go by how they look, what they say, maybe how they move and even how they smell…in fact, we have a raft of tools available to us, in order to judge a person when required.

And when we assess ourselves, we probably use those same tools.  Are we tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, clever enough, fragrant enough etc….we ask ourselves these questions all the time, without even realising it.  

We form a judgement and we stick with it. 

In just the same way that the team that measured Mount Hope with their giant tape measure a few years back, were certain that Mount Hope was measured correctly.

But they were wrong.  And so (in all likelihood) are we.

We simply do not have the ability to determine every facet of ourselves or someone else.  We are the metaphorical equivalent of the Mount Hope tape measure!

Mount Hope has spent years being overlooked, even dwarfed by Ben Nevis (previously the tallest mountain in the UK territories).  Everyone believed with certainty that Ben Nevis WAS the tallest mountain in the UK territories.

But everyone was wrong.

The moral I see in this situation is this.  We should never be so certain as to believe that our judgements of ourselves or others are fixed, accurate and beyond dispute.  We must be open to the fact that there is more to find, more to see, more to experience within those we assess.

…..and as a final point – no, I can’t believe that there is a National Mountain Day either.  Whatever next!

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