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The Power of Organisation

Posted 15/11/2017

This is the time of the year when things can start to feel a little bit overwhelming.  For example, I have suddenly started to notice an increase in the number of “things I need to get done” and a barely perceptible but impossibly disruptive decrease in the “time I have available to get things done”.

For a start, its dark in the mornings now.  So I sleep later than I should unless I set an alarm (and I really hate to have to do that since I left full-time employment).  That alone can cost me precious quiet moments first thing in the morning where I get to do exciting things like check my emails and package up orders from my handmade business.

My husband works at home too and so we are both as bad as each other – an extra coffee with breakfast, a quick walk of the dog, popping to the shop to buy something nice for dinner…the available distractions are endless and they steal away my time almost by stealth.

Then there is the fact that I am a mother…not the most participative one it must be said – but a mother none the less.  The autumn term is awash with parents evenings, Targets for Learning appointments, dental appointments, asthma checks, work experience meetings…..gah!

I work during the day and in the evenings as many of my clients prefer to meet after work.  So school-related events can be very difficult to accommodate indeed.

Now, this blog post is not designed to be all about me complaining about how bad I am at managing my time – although it is something that I would struggle to deny under questioning! – No, this blog post is meant to make you feel better about how organised you are….really!

And here is how I’m going to do that…..


Yep.  Lists.

I have become the master of the List.  I have a pack of record cards, several note books and an app on my phone, and I use them all to great (and somewhat chaotic) effect.

Every day I make a list of what I need to get done, and I actually tick them off as I do them.  Anything that doesn’t get done gets added to the next day’s list, and so on.

Once something is committed to paper, its got to be done.  Fact.

And since I have employed the List Strategy, life has become much more productive again.  In fact, even my husband has now embraced the List Strategy and he has even managed to do a few DIY things around the house as a result – because if it’s on the List…it MUST be done!  And I am not averse to popping a few extra tasks on his lists either (evil laugh).

So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the pre-Christmas pressure of shopping, social events, school-related stuff, combined with less hours of daylight, the gargantuan effort required to force yourself out from your warm bed into the icy chill of the morning….get yourself a notebook and start making some lists.

Honestly…the thrill of seeing things getting ticked off is indescribable and you will end each day with a feeling of accomplishment.

It won’t create more time for you, but it will make sure that you are more focussed on what needs to be done.

Trust me – I’m an expert!

"I have tried other coaches in the past but found that working with Abi over Skype was so much more convenient for me than face to face meetings. Abi has really helped me to understand what I want to get out of my life - especially my career and has helped me focus on how to achieve my ambitions. She is friendly, approachable and very easy to talk to. She was honest about what she felt I needed and when she felt I was ready to stop having sessions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi"  Dawn, January 2018

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